by Raj Cartel

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released December 21, 2012



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Raj Cartel Clear Lake, Iowa

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Track Name: Akash Bhairav
got your tongue tied
tie it up baby and follow
we got a revolution coming and it's here to stay
so tell me what's the point in living for tomorrow
so we better start living for today

take away the pain and feed me something i can swallow
the propaganda war is something that i hope will fade
the boys in blue are gearing up for tomorrow
so we better start living it up today
Track Name: Maker's Hand
we turn the pages when we want better lives
the world will never see the truth in our lies
unfortunate agenda made for us all
we've got to learn to give up and take the fall

an old man reading from the book of his life
he's got regrets i know i see in his eyes
he'll die alone and wander to a new land
to dust he will return and back to his maker's hand

and the maker will create the world
and then will come the fall
and then the son of man will come
and he will save us all
the prophets told us everything it's written down in stone
would you give up everything you had if you could save the world?